HO! HO! OH! Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Ladies!

Will we survive another Festive Season??

Its 2 days before Christmas and it is the question I am asking myself hourly.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many lists I make, magazine articles I’ve read on how to be more organized, this year I still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with all the things I’ve forgotten to put on my list!


Then there is the sprucing up of the house and constant nagging of fellow house members who don’t feel the same gut retching sickness at the thought of those pop-in-visitors making their way through the maze of scattered shoes, magazines and coffee cups that greet you daily after putting in your full day at work!

Work at this time of year does offer a momentary refuge from most things Christmas and it certainly means a better choice of morning tea time with rum balls, cherries and shortbreads to soothe the guilt of not having time to construct, from scratch, the Gingerbread house this year. Unfortunately work only seems to accelerate the panic of all the jobs still left to do while you are doing your job!

Do I even have to mention the shopping centres, the trolley’s that get worse every year and the #*^_#<* car parking!!! 

And you really have to laugh as you try to delegate husbands and children to pick up and order things like seafood!!!

Who knew how many phone calls you would be trying to field on this subject alone!!!



And we all know that this is only the TIP of the Iceberg.

But I will say that there comes a time during this week of madness that a woman, every woman, finds the time to take a breath (with a strong Mohito in hand preferably) and look around.

I say this with great confidence, that she sees with amazing clarity what has been sadly missing all week!

The beautiful family, friends and the home she has so loving put together and tended to all year.

That somehow they have all flourished, defied adversity, tackled everyday of another year with strength and courage and have all made their way back.  To Home - To Christmas -   To YOU!!


Well done for all the things you do that no one else see’s,

Well done for all the sacrifices that you make,

Well done for all the love, tenderness and understanding that you give every day.

We tend not to recognise that all the little things on all those lists, that drive us insane from time to time, are the things that weave the magic of the memories and lives to those we love.


So to all you BEAUTIFUL WOMEN out there in SILLY SEASON,