Girls Night In: Plan a Self-Care Spa Night with Friends

Plan a Girls Night In Self Care for Mums

Self-Care isn't Selfish.

We have a scary question to ask you: when was the last time that you had a Girls Night In? No partners, no kids, no phones, no guilt for creating the much needed space to take care of yourself? When was the last time you actually did something for yourself, first?

If it's been a while, know you're not alone. As mums, partners, and adults there are so many responsibilities always calling for our attention. Sure, it gets exhausting, but we think that there is no other way.

Except, there is. You know how on airplanes they ask us to put our own oxygen mask on first? That's because you cannot help anyone or any situation if you have not first helped yourself. Once you feel taken care of, you'll be able to take care of everyone around you a whole lot better: more empathy and patience, less exhaustion and overwhelm.

And chances are, your closest friends are feeling the same way - overworked and under-cared for - so we here at Airllywood think that needs to change. How? With our favourite solution ever:

A Girls Night In filled with tasty nibblies and luxurious spa activities.

Are you ready?

Let's Plan Your Girls Night In

Mums Spa Night Party

Finalise the Details

Of course, before you can get the ball rolling, you need to answer a few questions.

Who will you invite?

Chances are you already have a couple of close girlfriends that you know will just love the idea of a Mums Night In. But because this will be an event in your home, you need to consider

  1. How many people you want inside your home, and
  2. How much money you want to spend in preparation.

The more people you invite, the more money you’ll likely need to spend and the less time you’ll get to see each of them! I’d recommend limiting the night to 5-7 of your nearest and dearest.

Don’t worry about whether or not they already know one another - for chances are, if they’re friends with you, they’ll likely be able to find something in common with one another! Plus, when was the last time that you got invited to a Girls Night In for no reason other than having a bit of well-deserved fun? My guess? Probably Year 12. The novelty and nostalgia of attending such an event will put everyone in a cheery mood, which of course will be helped along by a bit of champers.

When will your event be?

Once you’ve narrowed down the invite list, it’s time to consider: when will the majority of these beautiful women be able to take a night off from family and work life? Typically this is a weekend afternoon or evening, but depending on who your friends are and how they spend their days this might be different for you!

Try to choose a day and time that’s at least a month out so that people can plan it into their calendars, and that is at a time that your friends typically aren’t working. If they have kids, you’ll also want to consider how they’ll manage slipping away from the needs of their family for a little time of pampering. Which then leads us to our next question.

What will the kids and partners do?

First, if you have children and a partner, plan an activity for them. Perhaps you end up scheduling your event for a Saturday afternoon, from around 3pm to 7pm. Plan an adventure for your partner and kids to go on, perhaps a trip to the museum with a kid-centric dinner. Or, if your partner needs some time off from parenting too, hire a sitter for the afternoon which will allow you to host your Girls Night In and your partner to go find some self-care of their own.

Then, consider what your friends partners and kids will do. Maybe you can all split the cost of a sitter, or maybe your partners will want to take all the kids on a fun trip. Whatever it is, do what you can to create the most opportunity for your ladies to have some much needed fun!

Gather Your Girls

Now that you’ve worked out the details, it’s time to send invitations! We’ve designed a fun little print-out that you can fill in and send to your girls. We’d recommend sending it in the mail, for when was the last time that you actually received something exciting in your mailbox?

Also, make sure you consider if you’re wanting your friends to bring anything. Perhaps the party is “bring your own nailpolish” or you ask them to bring a dish or drinks. Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you have to provide everything yourself!

Spa Night Invitation Template

Download your printable invitations here.

Create the Menu

Now that everyone is invited and the details are all confirmed, we’re getting to the fun part! I think we can all agree that the best part of any party is the food. There’s so many options to choose from when it comes to designing a menu, so start by thinking: what tone do you want to set?

Choose either a main dish to make yourself, or a few small plates of aperitivos to pass around. Don’t forget to create options for friends that may have dietary restrictions! Also, if you’re wanting to share the burden a bit, ask your friends to bring something yummy and host the evening potluck style. Your ladies will be happy to contribute considering you’re already doing them a huge favour and planning such a fun escape from the mundane for them!

Here’s some things to ensure are on the menu:

  1. Drinks: will you be doing wine? Champagne? Tea? Hot chocolate?
  2. A main dish: It’s usually best if you provide this!
  3. Snacks: Cheese Platter, Crisps, Vegetables and Dips - you choose!
  4. Cutlery & Dishes: will you use your own, plastic, or ask your friends to “bring a plate”?

Set Your Agenda

Now for the final part of the planning stage! The best parties flow naturally and feel organic and fun, but the best hosts know that there must be a bit of a gameplan to keep things moving in this way!

We’d recommend creating a bit of a “schedule.” This will likely not be exactly followed, nor should it be as you want to allow space for whatever may come up, but it’s great to have a general idea.

Here’s an example schedule to get you started:

  • 3-4: Guests arrive and drinks are passed out. Guests get to know one another and mingle.
  • 4-6: Spa time! Begin Face Masks, Body Scrubs, Nail Painting, etc. Food is constantly available during this time.
  • 6-7: Wrap up! 

A few ideas to get your Spa Night Started:

natural clay masques for a spa night party for mums

Clay Face Masques: Each are raw, natural, organic, vegan, handmade and cruelty free.

Grapefruit sea salt body scrub exfoliation natural

Body ScrubMineral-rich sea salt and Himalayan salt mixed with nourishing Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil.

vegan collagen serum australia natural beauty

Vegan Collagen Serum: repair and strengthen your skin post-face masque.

Treat Yourself!

You made it! Your night is finally here, how exciting! 

The day before your event, go shopping to make sure that you have the food that you need. Then prepare whatever can be made in advance, and make the rest the morning of. Get the house at least somewhat clean, but don’t stress too much about decorating or making everything perfect as these are your closest friends, and you’re all there for a bit of rest and relaxation anyway. Finally, set out all of your Spa Supplies, and create a designated space for your friends to drop theirs if they are bringing any.

Overall, your goal for the night is just to have fun! Don’t stress too much about it being perfect, focus on the wonderful friends you have in your life, and allow everyone to be who they are, give what they can, and of course, have a lot of fun.

Now it's your turn! We've planned a night of fun for you, now you get to actually make it all happen.

We know you're going to feel so good after getting together with your girlfriends and taking care of yourself. We can't wait to hear how it goes! And of course, we'd love if you sent us pics of your Girls Night In - tag us @airllywood on Instagram or send us an email to

Love, the Airllywood Girls xx