How to Create Your Personal Style: 5 Simple Steps

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What we wear is who we are, or at least who we’re perceived to be. Finding your personal style, then, suddenly becomes not so much a luxury, but a necessity. For what sort of life is it to live and dress day-in and day-out as someone that you're not? Style is an art, a form of self-expression, and if you're caught wearing clothes that you don't love and that don’t feel like “you,” then it would certainly be fair to say that you are not living as yourself

Why do we do this? Usually - out of fear. Fear of not being accepted, of being seen as "different" or "silly," even of not meeting the expectations that we feel are put on us to be a certain way for the people and places around us.

If you've been holding back on showcasing your signature style out of fear of not being accepted, or of being seen as "silly" or "different," ask yourself: why? To save yourself some potential embarrassment or discomfort? And yet how much better would it be to finally feel free, honest, and vibrant? How much more would you enjoy your life if you were authentically yourself on both the inside and the out?

We think it's time for your real self to step into the spotlight, so we've created this list for How to Create Your Personal Style. And yes, all it takes is 5 Simple Steps. Read on to learn how you can finally let your inner beautiful, stylish self out into the light of day - we promise you won't regret it.

1. Create a Personal Style Pinterest Board 

Create a personal style moodboard of style icons

Log on to Pinterest (or create an account) and create a board titled “Finding My Style.” Then go into the search function of Pinterest and type in “Style Icons,” or visit our Pinterest board for inspo! Begin pinning away anything and everything that you resonate with, like, love, etc. Don’t think too much, just pin, pin, pin.

2. Find the Common Threads

Once you have a few (at least 20-30) pins on your board, take a look at what you’ve pinned and just start writing down what you see. Maybe you have a lot of structured jackets, or flowing dresses, or tribal prints. Write down what the general mood is of a lot of your pieces, words like: bohemian, free-flowing, business, casual, clean, minimal, colourful, bright, natural, calm, dressy, smart, striped, etc. Start to pick out a few common threads within the mix (both literally and metaphorically), and aim to write down at least 5 descriptive words and 3 repeating pieces. 

Airllywood Style Bohemian Wrap Dress Florals Graceful

For example, if you look at our #AirllywoodStyle Board, you’ll quickly see that we have a certain style. Our 5 Descriptive Words would be: Bohemian, Floral, Free-Flowing, Vintage, and Natural. Then our 3 Repeating Pieces are: Maxi Dresses, Florals, and Fun Prints.

3. Name Your Style

That’s right, now’s the time to give your style a name. Don’t worry about trying to define your style in the ways and words that everyone does, use your own creativity and give your style a name that’s as unique as it is. We call ours The Graceful Bohemian. Here’s some words to get you started:

how to name your style by airllywood

p.s. none of these fit quite right? Try searching for synonyms of these words to get even more ideas!

4. Choose a Signature Piece

Audrey Hepburn had cropped pants, Bridget Bardot had her eyeliner, Jackie O. had oversized sunglasses, Taylor Swift has her red lip. The most fashionable among us have their signature piece that makes them instantly recognisable amidst the humdrum of thoughtless fashion choices. Take a look at your Pinterest Board, your Adjectives and Repeating Pieces, and your Current Wardrobe. Ask yourself, what most represents me? What can you see yourself wearing again and again, putting it on with most outfits? What makes you feel comfortable, alive, and beautiful? Perhaps it’s a makeup trend, perhaps it’s a style of dress, or perhaps it’s one singular piece such as your favourite black blazer. Choose this piece, look, or particular fit of clothing to represent you, and give yourself full permission to wear it whenever, wherever, and however you want to. Is red lipstick quite excessive for going to the beach? Probably. Does Taylor Swift wear it to the beach? Yes. 

Photo by the Daily Mail of Taylor Swift on the Beach

Photo by The Daily Mail

You do you, babe.

5. Create Your Wardrobe

This is, in our humble opinion, the best part of finding your style. Why? Because now you get to actually live it! 

The first step is to take a look at your wardrobe and clean out what you don’t need anymore. This can be a bit overwhelming, so what we do is create 3 piles: Absolutely Keep, Not Sure, and Toss Out. The Absolutely Keep go straight back into our closets, as these are the pieces that exactly represent our style. The Toss Out’s are the pieces that just don’t fit our style or our bodies anymore (we are so #guilty of keeping pieces from our early 20s because we might need them again), so we put them into a bag and pop them into the boot of the car to take down to the local op-shop. Finally, the Not Sure pile. Our favourite way to deal with these items is to put all of them into a suitcase or box and hide them away for 6 months (put a reminder in your phone to open it back up 6 months from now!). During that 6 months, if you find yourself missing a particular piece, get your partner or a friend to go into the box and grab that item out. That way, you know you actually do want the piece and it’s worth keeping in your wardrobe, but also you don’t refresh your memory of what other pieces are in there and aren’t tempted to get them back out because maybe you’ll actually wear it this time. At the end of that 6 months, whatever’s still in the box gets donated without a second look!

shopping quotes style quotes fashion quotes

Finally, you’ll likely find that there’s now some gaps in your wardrobe. So yes, it’s time to go shopping!!! Now, we’re just going to warn you: this will take a bit of self-control. You’re no longer just shopping to shop, buying whatever feels trendy or cute in the moment, you’re making thoughtful purchases of pieces that align with your newfound Sense of Style. Before purchasing any piece, ask yourself: is this actually my style? Or am I just buying it because I feel like spending money or getting something new? Be cut-throat with your purchases, and you’ll end up with the literal wardrobe of your dreams.

Bonus Tip!

Take a #mirrorselfie on the days when you feel exactly like yourself in your outfit. You know the days, the ones where you get dressed and instantly feel at ease as your most vibrant and engaging self. Get these printed and put them on a special vision board to help you really see who you are when you’re at your best, most effortlessly and authentically fashionable self. This will inspire even more super fashionable days!

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