How We're Imperfectly Playing Our Part in the Fashion Revolution

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It’s Fashion Revolution week! You may have already heard about this Revolution that takes over much of the globe during one week in April each year (using the hashtag #whomademyclothes), but in case you haven’t we’re talking all about what it is and how we are involved here at Airllywood.

Fashion Revolution campaigns “for a fashion industry that conserves and restores our environment and gives people, especially women, a voice. An industry where dignity in work is the standard and not an exception.” (Fashion Revolution) It is a year-round campaign, but advocates from every corner of the world gather together over the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza (Bangladesh) factory collapse in which 1,138 underpaid and underprotected workers were killed.

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you may have seen that we’ve been focusing on topics such as zero-waste, sustainability, and DIY solutions to our everyday concerns. We here at Airllywood are passionate about ensuring that we are investing in products and clothing that are produced ethically and are environmentally friendly. While this sometimes goes against good financial management, we understand that we have the ability to influence our local community of Airlie Beach as well as the multitudes of tourists who visit us daily. We take this responsibility seriously.

Our favourite way to do this is through the creation and stocking of our three in-house brands that are all made at a factory in India that maintains fair-work practices and that we visit regularly. Additionally, when we are choosing new brands and businesses to stock, we look into their ethics and practices and try to collaborate with those that align with our ethical values.

However, we also understand that we are not perfect, and in this world of ethical and sustainable consumerism there is always something more that we could be doing. Not all of our stock is certified ethically or sustainably made, and over the next few months we are beginning a project in which we connect more deeply with these brands and ask about their standards so that we can be fully transparent with you about each of the items we stock. We want you to know what you're investing in, and have the opportunity to make choices that align with your values.

Earlier this month, we started an email campaign titled Everyday Consciousness. In it, we are discussing simple shifts that we can each do in our daily lives to make more conscious decisions (you can join by signing up to our newsletter here!). To live consciously means to create your life rather than simply live it. It means to bring awareness to every word, action, and experience. It is to consider how you want to live and then actually living that way. To live consciously also means to consider the effect that your life has on the people and world around you. It is to make decisions that better the world rather than harm it, and this is where we at Airllywood center ourselves.

As we remind ourselves this Fashion Revolution week how important it is to responsibly source our materials and products and to make conscious decisions, we wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your support in this effort. Every purchase you make enables us to continue adding more ethically and sustainably sourced stock to our line-up, and to further our own ethically-produced brands. Our promise to you is that we will continue looking into both our current and future brands, finding even more brands that align with this core value all while bringing you the effortless boho-chic clothing made of natural fibres and free-flowing materials that help you express your inner gypsy with style.

Love, the Airllywood girls xx

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