Meet the Airllywood Girls: Bringing Womens Bohemian Fashion to the Whitsundays

Get to know your favourite boho babes in the Whitsundays!

When we first started this women’s fashion boutique in Airlie Beach way back in 2009, we had no idea what we were in for. All we knew was that this is what we wanted to do, and this is what our hometown needed: some style! 

In the decade of business since, we’ve learnt a thing or two about owning a small business in a tropical seaside town in rural Australia, one of which is just how important it is to have a team that you love (and that loves you!). 

If you’ll notice, we always sign out of our emails and social media posts by saying, “Love, the Airllywood girls” and we refer to ourselves as the #AirllywoodSisterhood! That’s because we truly are a family, and every single thing that you see online is our digital love letters to you, our fellow sisters.

We’ve been introducing ourselves on Facebook and Instagram recently, but in case you missed any of the posts we wanted to ensure that you got to know the faces behind the names. So without further ado, let’s meet the Airllywood girls!

Tegan from Airllywood Bohemian Ethical Fashion Boutique in the Whitsundays

Tegan is originally from the beautiful town of Ayr (just a bit north of us here in Airlie), but moved here after visiting us since she was 19 years old. ⁠

Now, she loves to spend time with her little family, socialise with friends, go on walks, and explore the STUNNING place that we call our home - the Whitsundays!⁠

Tegan's style is "a bit of a mash up, as it really depends on [her] mood." But whenever you see her in-store, she's always got at least a bit of a boho vibe going on!⁠

Her favourite part of working at Airllywood? "I have many! The clothes, owners, staff and smiling customers make it a joy to come to work. And my favourite thing about Airlie Beach? Well how can you go past its stunning beaches/views?!"

Lin from Airllywood Bohemian Ethical Fashion Boutique in the Whitsundays

Though Lin was originally born in Sydney, she’s lived in Airlie Beach for 18 years now! Lin is one of those people that from the moment you meet them, you just know that she’s a beautiful and kind soul.

Lin spends her free time catching up with friends, gardening, or (of course) on the stunning Whitsunday water that we call home! She loves the fresh air and stunning scenery. Her favourite part of working at Airllywood is the great customers and fabulous stock (we agree!). 

How does she define her style? "Conservative with a dash or two of fun, funk, and style."⁠⁠

Nikki from Airllywood Bohemian Ethical Fashion Boutique in the Whitsundays

Nikki is a serious Airlie Beach gem! Originally from Sydney, Nikki has lived in Airlie Beach for 15 glorious years. Her favourite way to spend a Saturday? Going fishing on her boat with friends and family!⁠

She loves working at Airllywood and living in Airlie Beach for the same reasons: because she loves her job and loves the opportunity to get to meet people from all over the world.⁠

Nikki would describe her style as being "bohemian" or "boho." ⁠

Jacqui from Airllywood Bohemian Ethical Fashion Boutique in the Whitsundays

Born in London, England but having moved to Australia in the '90s, Jacqui has lived in Airlie Beach for over 20 years! Her style is very boho with casual elements and some bling (and more bling). You'll often see her rocking a kaftan or animal print, though "definitely nothing frilly!"⁠

If you caught her write-up in the newspaper a little while ago, you'll know that Jacqui is a stellar golfer! She has a lot of other hobbies requiring precision and skill as well, including stained glass, silversmithing, and jewellery making. You could say she's definitely a creative type!⁠

What does she love about working at Airllywood? "Great people, great stock, lovely locals, and the variety of work." She's definitely an all-star member of this team!

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