Tassel Me This: The Rise of the Tassel Earring

Tassel earrings are taking over the world of jewellry - one statement outfit at a time. Find out why you should add a pair to your wardrobe!

It’s no secret that the right pair of statement earrings can make the difference between an average outfit and a look that turns heads. And as the bohemian trend continues to rise in popularity, there are more and more ways you can inject colour, texture and flair into your jewellry collection.

So what’s our newest obsession when it comes to statement earrings? TASSELS.

This trendy look incorporates different colours, metals, stones and ropes to produce a versatile accessory with a totally unique touch. Tassel earrings can be edgy, dainty or just plain pretty, and are an effective way to add a pop of personality to any outfit, for any occasion. No matter the season, if you want to add more fun, colour and (most importantly of all) individuality to your wardrobe, tassels are your answer!

Tell me more!

Pair tassel earrings with block colours to create vibrancy, match with silks and cottons to add texture, or take attention away from a bad hair day with some seriously hot headwear. Choose a pair that’s small and subtle to add flair to your business attire - or opt for big, bold and daring to complement your party look this Friday night! And if you’re a minimalist at heart, pop on a pair with a monochrome dress and show everyone that less really is more.

Part of what makes tassel earrings so enticing are their versatility. Offered in a diverse range of shapes colours and materials, it’s without doubt everyone will find a set to die for. The Airllywood team personally love pairs that incorporate layers, hoops and strands as they add the final touches to any outfit, and can help carry a look through from day to night.

I’m still not sold...

Our favourite royal, Kate Middleton, has been known to rock a pair of tassel earrings! Effortlessly merging luxe and sophistication with an edgy twist, she shows that tassles can be worn well by any woman - no matter her style.

Proving to be a versatile and easy-to-wear statement piece, it’s no wonder tassel earring are taking over the world of jewellry!

Interested in adding a pair to your earring collection? Shop our selection here and see for yourself why they’re all the rave.