The Conscious Lifestyle Challenge

The Conscious Lifestyle Challenge

Living in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, we at Airllywood care deeply about our Mother Earth. From ethically-made clothing and sustainably-sourced materials to composting, minimising our plastic consumption, and more - we believe that every small step holds gigantic benefits, for both ourselves and the earth we live on.

We definitely aren't perfect (nor do we claim to be), but we're doing what we can in our everyday lives to leave a smaller footprint on this beautiful plant. Won't you join us?

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Natural Products

It's amazing the amount of chemicals that reach our highly-sensitive bodies each and every moment of the day. From the deodorant you use to the kitchen counter spray, or the fertiliser in your garden and the makeup on your face. 

Because we've become so used to them, our bodies accept these harmful toxins as 'normal' and do what they can to adapt. But as you begin to switch to more natural alternatives, you'll be surprised at how much higher your quality of life feels (we promise, it's no gimmick!). 

We'll be talking research and giving our favourite product recommendations in our emails - so make sure you're signed up!

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Slow Fashion

Ethically Made Dress

"Fast Fashion" has been the baseline for so many years in the industry, but we are so pleased to see that people are beginning to ask questions such as, "Who made my clothes?" By shopping in a way that is both ethical (supporting Fair Wages and Work Practices along the entire supply chain) and sustainable (minimising waste and toxins through all levels of production and consumption), you are joining a revolution where we say NO to the big-box brands and YES to empowering people all over the world to lead higher-quality lives.

It's for this reason that Airllywood so highly prioritises ethical and sustainable consumption, even down to having our own in-house brands  that we can be sure are supporting fair work practices. It's also why we regularly visit our factories and start discussions with our suppliers about who is making their clothes and how. 

In our email challenge, we'll talk with micro-influencers who are living the slow fashion lifestyle and bring you all their tips and tricks on how to maintain your sense of style while also being able to sleep at night, knowing you're not contributing negatively to the life of a woman or child somewhere nameless abroad.

Plant-based Eating

Plant Based Eating

We totally know that eating an entirely plant-based diet is not for everyone, but we also know that when we eat meals that are mostly plants we consistently leave the table feeling energised, light, and full. Eating plant based is more sustainable because it uses significantly less water, creates a much lower production of harmful gasses, and there is no animal cruelty involved!

When you're transitioning to eating more plant-based, there's naturally a lot of questions. Where do I get my protein? How do I make this actually filling? Where do I get those ingredients? Like we said, we get the struggle. However, over the years we've found some amazing resources as well as tips and tricks that help us to at least do a few meals a week, which we'll be sharing all of in our email challenge.

Sign up today and learn about all of that and more, like minimising your waste, upcycling, and generally making incremental micro-shifts across every area of your life. We're not asking for a total life overhaul (read: there's no shame or perfection here!), we're simply helping you see areas in your life that have easily actionable options for change.