Why kaftans are your best friend for summer living and tropical holidays

When planning a tropical getaway, it’s important to be versatile with your packing. While you’re likely planning to be tanning by the pool, it’s still hard to pack for warm occasions when your wardrobe is coping a winter chill. However you shouldn't let that stop you from looking, and feeling, fabulous!

That’s where our Kaftan obsession comes in!

Glamorous and unique, the Kaftan reduces packing stress and fills your luggage with colours, patterns and jewels to glam up your holiday style. Celebrities such as Beyonce & Oprah swear by them - so it’s pretty easy to see how they have become a seasonal transitional must-have.

So how do you wear your kaftan for maximum use and effect? Throw your kaftan over your swimmers - add a floppy hat and some big sunglasses for an effortless summer look and resort style. As the day turns into night adding some Boho sandals and tassel earrings will see you confidently head to the cocktail bar. Bonus feature is that the lightweight material will dry quickly making them a great versatile holiday dress.

We can’t see this trend dying off anytime soon so there is no harm in stocking up with different styles, length & patterns!

Australia’s own Jennifer Hawkins recently gives her seasonal trend advice, saying "It is nice to step out a bit and invite some bright, vibrant colours into your wardrobe", and we could not agree more!

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