Your Definitive Mothers Day Gift Guide: We're Making it Easy for You this Year!

Happy Mothers Day!

Whether you’re a mother yourself or you’re simply searching for the perfect gift for your mum, we’ve got it sorted. As many of our team are mothers ourselves, we completely understand the beauty of a day where we get to feel pampered and truly relaxed amidst the usual chaos of motherhood. We also understand what we as mums will actually want and need, and what will help us to feel like our most fabulous versions of ourselves. So stop your search for the perfect Mothers Day gift - we’ve got it right here!

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For the First-Time Mother

She is beautiful and her eyes light up everytime she sees your little one try something new. She is also probably tired from this new transition into motherhood, so pamper her and help her remember her beauty.

Mothers Day gift for new mum

Necklace Rack -- Crystal Soap -- Mama Bear Mug -- Maxi Dress -- Macrame Plant Holder -- Saltwater Sandal Slides -- Gold Clutch -- "I would walk across legos for you" Sign

p.s. all gifts are listed by column

For Your Mother

She is likely the strongest woman you know. She carried a lot of weight in the family, showed up even when it wasn’t convenient, and gave even when she was overdrawn. Celebrate the work she did to raise you into the person you are today and remind her how grateful you are for all the big and little moments of life.

mothers day gifts for you mom

Gift Basket -- Necklace -- Oven Mit -- Top -- Embellished Kaftan -- Painted Glassware -- Earrings -- Recipe Engraved Cutting Board

For Your Wife

Your wife does so much for the family and for you, and even when the going gets tough you know that you can always rely on her support. You are a team, so celebrate her MVP status with a gold-metal gift.

Mothers Day Gift Idea for Your wife

Heart Photo Collage -- Coffee Body Scrub -- "Little Book of Smiles" Handmade Journal -- Floral Cotton Jumpsuit -- Amethyst & Blue Topaz Gemstone Bracelet -- Australiana Pouch -- Beaded Necklace -- Personalised Journal & Diary


For Your Mother Figure (Aunt, Grandmother, Family Friend, etc.)

She was always there when you needed her, and she showed up even when no one else would. She would never agree to take it, but you owe her a lot. Show her how much you appreciate her with a thoughtful letter and something that will surprise her this Mothers Day.

Mothers Day Gifts for Step Mom or Aunt

"Second Mom" Necklace -- Drop Post Earrings -- Hand-poured Soy Candle -- Cold Shoulder Dress -- Luxurious Kaftan -- Lavender Relaxation Pouches -- Hand-Knit Cashmere Scarf -- Black Caviar Designs Handbag Set

For Yourself

Treat yourself to something nice this weekend. Mumma knows best, anyway!

mothers day gifts for yourself

Drop Post Earrings -- Pink Grapefruit Salt Body Scrub -- Custom Star Map -- Spanish Maxi Dress -- "Love" Handmade Mug -- Jade Roller -- Earrings -- DIY At Home Spa Kit


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Love, the Airllywood girls xx