Your Dream Wardrobe Solution: the Bohemian Wrap Dress

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Your Dream Wardrobe Solution: the Bohemian Wrap Dress

Ok ladies, tell us we’re not alone in this. Do you ever wake up in the morning and try a bunch of outfits on, but nothing feels quite right? Either your pants were just washed and feel too tight, or none of your usual go-to tops fit the style you’re going for that day. You’re left feeling hopelessly uncreative, and ultimately end up putting on an outfit that makes you feel frumpy, unfit, and tired. Which, in our opinion, is the worst way to start a day.

However, from the first moment we added one of these magical unicorns into our closets, we knew something was different. Why? Because there suddenly was a cure to those unfortunately drab days.

Meet the wrap dress, ladies.

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Perfect for summer or winter, you can get floral wrap dresses, casual maxi dresses, wedding outfit-ready dresses, long sleeve or short sleeve wrap dresses, and pretty much anything else you could think of for a bohemian-style dress as fabulous as this style.

From the moment you put one on, you’ll find that your curves are perfectly flattered (or created for our square-bodied friends!), your décolletage is superbly decorated, and your arms and legs can be hidden or highlighted at your fancy. 

We're being entirely serious when we say you'll never again meet a day where you just feel blah in your outfit, because the moment you put on of these wrap dresses on you'll find yourself twirling like a teenage girl getting ready for school formal. Yes, you'll feel like a million bucks. Not to mention, it's an outfit that requires one item to look put together, and there's no decision-making process of what blouse to pair with which skirt.

What Makes a Wrap Dress?

A wrap dress is one with a wrap-around waistline that usually ties into a bow and features a v-neckline. They can be short or long, though we have a special love for bohemian maxi dresses. They also can have either short or long sleeves, and generally have quite a beach-y and #bohobabe feel to them.

Let’s take a look at a few of our favourites:

Floral Wrap Dress (with Bell Sleeves!)

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Boho Style Flare-Sleeve Dress

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The Long Sleeve Long Dress

winter maxi dresses

Boho Thea Floral / Spanish Flair Wrap Dress

Leopard Casual Maxi Dress

short sleeve wrap dress

Leopard Label of Love

Short Sleeve Cotton Sun Dress

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Astrid Wrap Batik

Wrap-ping Up

Our biggest secret to beat the blah wardrobe days is to get yourself one (or more, we won't tell) wrap dress. Shop all dresses here!

Love, the Airllywood girls xx